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Using LinkedIn as a B2B channel

LinkedIn has established by itself as a business network on the market. Users benefit from networking with business contacts and building their own community.

If you integrate LinkedIn as a B2B platform into your daily work processes, the channel expands the possibilities in sales. Potential customers, partners and employees can be addressed in a targeted manner. In addition to a personal profile, a company page can also be created on LinkedIn, on which current information can be shared with the community. Furthermore, it is also possible to further intensify sales processes with the paid LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is important to generate interest and increase reach by publishing relevant content.



Optimize your own profile

Your personal profile is the first impression and the interface to the company. All information should therefore be up-to-date and meaningful. Provide not only information about yourself, but also about the company. Your profile should contain an actual profile picture, a cover picture (if necessary, uniform throughout the company) and your current job title.

Create posts

Before each posting, consider: What added value should the post offer the target group? In an editorial plan, agree on what and how often you want to publish. A mix of topics from industry and company news is recommended.

Promote events

Draw attention to your event! Whether it's a webinar, conference, trade fair, or an event at your location – spread the word and invite interested parties.


Integrate networking into your work process: network regularly with acquaintances, influencers, multipliers, partners, potential customers, contacts from trade shows, and prospects. Research whether your contacts may have contacts that you know as well.

Use groups

Publish company posts via your personal profile in topic-specific groups as well. This will increase your reach, appeal to new contacts and position yourself as an expert in the industry.

Find new employees

LinkedIn also works well as an HR platform. Connect with potential employees and post job ads. With additional sponsoring, you can reach exactly the people you want to address.

Build a company page

The company page serves as a communication channel in your community. Here you can publish all content that is of interest to your target groups. Present your products, share job advertisements, events and videos.

Gain followers

Monthly credits are available to administrators of a company page to invite their own contacts to follow the page. Select contacts here that seem relevant to you and meet the target audience.

Use LinkedIn tools

Do you already know all of LinkedIn's tools? Find out what might help you in your everyday work. Whether it's the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to support your sales, LinkedIn Learning to take advantage of customized learning opportunities, or LinkedIn Talent Solutions – with tools for your recruiting.

LinkedIn or XING?


When choosing a business platform, you should always consider the intended use. The decisive factor is what your requirements are: Who do you want to reach? Where do you find potential customers, partners or employees? What is your goal?

Regardless of this, it is still an advantage to be present on both B2B platforms in order to achieve maximum reach and benefit from social signals.

Similarities and differences of the channels:

  • Possible uses: A free start is possible with both platforms. You can post and share, network and keep up with industry news. Creating a company page is also free of charge. LinkedIn also offers topic-specific groups where you can share ideas and interact with other industry experts. Both B2B channels offer paid versions with advanced features suitable for recruiting or lead generation, for example.
  • Target group: Both LinkedIn and XING are business channels. While XING focuses on users from the DACH region, LinkedIn is used worldwide. However, LinkedIn now has around 19 million users from the DACH region (Statista – as of 01-23).
  • Ad placement: Both channels enable the placement of advertisements — whether for individual posts, events or contact forms. They offer various targeting options such as location, company size, position, etc.


Is LinkedIn free of charge?

In general, a LinkedIn account and the use of the business channel are initially free of charge. In addition to the standard account, there are various premium memberships with different additional features. Even the creation of a company page is also basically free of charge.

For more information, visit the LinkedIn Help Center.


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