An Agency on the puls of time

Founded in 1994 by owner Fabian Sprengel, Sprengel & Partner has developed into a renowned PR, marketing, social media and Internet agency in the areas of IT, telecommunications, industry and technology in general.

Satisfaction is standstill

But when we call ourselves an "agency with its finger on the pulse", it is more than just a phrase. According to the motto "satisfaction is standstill", our motto is continuous further development. The basic prerequisite for this is on the one hand constant observation of the various markets in which we work with our clients; on the other hand it is important to listen - first and foremost to our clients - in order to be able to meet requirements or needs and ultimately the goals set at an early stage.

In the past decade, the main driver for new customer requirements has been the Internet. The World Wide Web has become an integral part of everyday corporate life, and important PR and marketing instruments have evolved with it. The company's own website alone has become a digital business card for almost every company. A good company website is the interface for all public activities of a customer. In the best case all news or announcements, press releases, marketing documents (whitepapers, brochures etc.), own videos and the company blog converge here. All this results in a harmonious image to the outside world and conveys the image of a company acting professionally with the public.

All these factors have contributed to Sprengel & Partner's development into a full-service agency in recent years, with the result that we now have several departments under one roof. In concrete terms, this includes public relations and marketing as well as social media, sales and website development and optimization. Each department consists of experts in their respective fields. This is the only way we can help our customers quickly, professionally and in line with their needs.

We pass our experience on to you

Our web developers, for example, are trained in all modern Content Management Systems (CMS) from Joomla to TYPO3 to Wordpress. Our editorial team consists of experienced writers, journalists and translators who bring together professional experience from a wide variety of media (daily newspapers, trade magazines, TV, etc.) in one team. S&P's social media team is experienced with all major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. - especially when it comes to setting up and expanding accounts and regularly posting relevant news.

As you can see, with Sprengel & Partner you can rely on an experienced team in a wide variety of areas. We combine almost all competences in one company. And even if we are no longer able to go any further, we have reliable partners who will work with us to find a solution for you - guaranteed.


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