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PR: target group appeal with content
After we help you find suitable topics and create the format and text of high-quality press releases for trade and consumer magazines (print + online), newspapers, niche magazines, (social media) portals, blogs, radio and TV. Press releases are distributed regionally and nationally as well as internationally using always current media distribution channels - tailored to your strategic objectives. Our experienced editorial team also supports you in the creative process of writing professional articles and user reports (case studies), commentaries on current issues and interviews - including the selection of images - as well as in content development for newsletters, websites and brochures.

PR ServicesSales PR: hand-in-hand customer communication
A company is primarily supported by its sales success. For this reason, targeted communications measures should accompany product and image PR and support sales. A basic requirement for operating successfully in the market is clear agreement among those in charge of marketing and sales with regard to setting goals.

We work hand-in-hand with your marketing and sales managers and help answer the important questions: What customer groups are to be addressed? Do you prefer direct sales or do sales take place indirectly through industry partners (channels)? Is your focus on the B2B or B2C approach? How can I incorporate these into my measures? Our specialists support you in all of these processes and work with you to plan activities to specifically support sales.

Media contact development: Face to face with the editors
Personal contact with those who want to publish our news about you is more important than ever: we will put you in direct contact with the editors of our jointly defined target publications. Through personal interviews, discussion rounds or interviews, you will present yourself as an appealing and experienced company. This makes future co-operation with the press much easier and more promising. Our editorial staff will assist you in selecting topics for discussion, appointment scheduling, and the coordination and production of informational material. Of course one of our experienced PR consultants will accompany you on your visit with the respective editors and co-ordinate the activities resulting from the meetings.

Event PR: We complete your presentation
Have you have decided to participate in a special event, trade show or conference? Or are you planning to conduct an event yourself? Our experienced team will help you with all accompanying PR activities related to the events you've participated in. This includes advice on the design of your exhibit based on our experiences, advance or retrospective press releases, the briefing of journalists visiting the exhibition, professional films of your exhibit (exhibition videos) and much more.