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Online PROn-line PR (also called Internet PR) is a subdomain of public relations. We allow you access to the widest possible audience via the World Wide Web by providing information about your company that is relevant to your respective reference group (journalists, investors, partners, potential customers, etc.). We use the Internet in a targeted manner as a distribution channel to cost-effectively, quickly and broadly distribute press releases, technical papers, articles, etc. The corresponding measures can help to increase your visibility, image, page rankings, customer loyalty, etc.

By way of professional reporting and a regular flow of information to the defined target media, we make sure that the attention is directed towards your business and your portfolio. We select the relevant online media in advance for targeted positioning of the press releases and, at the same time, the widest possible distribution.

Our services with regard to on-line PR and content placement include in particular:

• Consultation
• The creation of press releases
• Strategically appropriate keyword configuration
• The selection, creation and adaptation of the suitable distributor
• On-line distribution
• Assessments/reports