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Depending on the type of company, video marketing can be an important part of the overall Internet marketing concept. The aim is to place PR information and sales pitches in the form of a film on the corresponding video platforms or web placement offers. The platforms used for this purpose can be found in the social media arena (YouTube) or in publishing, among others. Videos are an essential tool through which companies can use creative visualisation to communicate complex processes, descriptions, product presentations or information quickly and in an engaging manner.

Trend analyses from the past two years show that videos are increasingly being used as sources of information in both the B2B and B2C sectors. For companies, this modern method provides a great opportunity to quickly increase their brand awareness and at the same prominently offer products and services to their target groups.

An overview of the advantages of video marketing:

• Broad range
• Unique target group orientation
• Important role in the sales process: acceleration of the sales cycle
• Increased visibility in search engines like Google
• Higher click-through rates
• Professional tracking and performance measurement (analytics, recall measurement, feedback, etc.)
• Increase in the brand awareness of companies
• Presentation of brands, products and services