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Only proper preparation enables efficient working. Therefore, it is highly recommended to plan the individual steps and processes (including locations, interview partners, etc.) in detail prior to the start of the actual film production. This way, everyone involved can be committed to the production in terms of the content and process.

Once the objective of the video is clarified, ideas are compiled in the preliminary discussion with the customer. These form the basis for the subsequent specific concept proposal by our video team. After further consultation with the customer, these ideas are incorporated into a filming schedule. After mutual agreement, the creation of a storyboard (depending on the complexity of the video) follows as the directing basis for the production. Any further required footage is also agreed upon - especially in the case of green screen imagery. On this basis, all parties involved can thoroughly prepare for the day of filming.

The conceptualisation
The concept and filming schedule are the basis for a successful video shoot. The following points should be clarified in advance.

• What are the target groups?
• How should the target group approach look?
• Which content should be communicated?
• What is the filming schedule?
• How long should the video be?