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Traditional lead generation is one of the cornerstones of business success. But in this area it is also important to be up-to-date and to separate antiquated from modern methods. We show you new, modern ways that provide you with unfiltered direct feedback from potential customers in the market. This allows you to specifically adapt your sales activities to your target groups, which significantly increases the chances of attracting new leads.

Fish in clear waters
As a first step, it is important to clearly define target groups. Once it is clear who you want to target, we can work together on setting a promising sales cycle in motion. We develop customised campaigns, so that you can fish in clear and not murky waters. But that alone is not enough to generate interest. After all, the fish should be biting in droves, not individually. This is where sales experience comes into play. To create target group-oriented and engaging content that opens up a dialogue with potential customers, information from daily sales activities is required. For example, in planning it is important to know who the typical decision-making groups are or which information is frequently required. After answering these questions, our lead generation team will create concrete proposals for you for targeted campaigns. To get started, a targeted pilot campaign may deliver initial analysis data, on the basis of which appropriate modifications can be made.

Our lead generation campaigns are tailored to the needs and desires of our customers. We rely on multidimensional concepts which are usually composed of several components. This way we combine potential and broaden the scope of the attack.

Our campaigns include:

• Webcasts
• Whitepapers with landing pages
• Microsites
• Sweepstakes
• Surveys
• Newsletter
• Collaborations with media partners
• On-line campaigns
• ...