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Werbeanzeige SPThe term „responsive design“ is playing a major role in web development these days. But what exactly is behind the hype? That’s a question which a lot of companies are asking themselves at the moment. We have the answers and will explain why everyone would do well jumping onto the bandwagon.

Whoever pays attention to common behavior in terms of surfing the web, will realize that the classic computer is not being used that much anymore. Todays’ modern web surfer has found a new way to satisfy his hunger for knowledge: the mobile device!

A world without smartphones or tablets is hard to imagine, as well as a world without Google, an enterprise that keeps putting us to the test with new trends and not only opens up new paths but creates them. SEO-whizz and Google employee Matt Cutts has recently made it clear that a website tailored for mobile devices will be preferred by Google when displaying search results on your smart phone or tablet.

I spy with my little eye… something Google wants me to spy…
But what exactly does that mean? If company X has a website optimized for mobile devices and company Y doesn’t, then I will see company X before Y in the result list of my search for a certain product or service. This obviously gives X a considerable advantage over competitor Y cause in the end the user only sees what Google wants you to see.
Anyone who is still not convinced to relaunch their website should also be aware that Google not only favors certain websites but also rates them in general. A user friendly website that adapts or responds to the device used will also be rewarded with a higher ranking and brings the website up in the search results. Another important factor is that the potential client or average visitor of a website is best drawn in when being provided with the following:

 - Informational concept
 - Usability
 - Design
 - Optimized Performance

Because the client is king and should be treated as such.

But can I not just retrofit?
Retrofitting is more often than not a bad idea. Reasons could be outdated programming, old design, etc. Retrofitting in those cases is just an optimization but doesn’t have anything to do with the true concept of “responsiveness”.
Ultimately, a modern website with responsive design is up to date, provides a significant advantage and effectively draws in potential clients.